Month: February 2015

Dopeness : These Streets, Abandoned

It’s time for some more Dopeness.  This time we’re featuring Freeman Word who speaks deep and oozes urban heat on this piece, These Streets, Abandoned.

These Streets, Abandoned is part condemnation, part vindication. I both suspect and experience a great deal of criticism for St. Louis as a failed city, since it is both a great source of crime as a discarded city and a major urban cultural center as America’s geographic historic heartland. The poem is an ode to all of its failures and success, to its beauty and reckless abandon — the sadness of its glory and the triumph of its misery. With particular attention to the many many many abandoned buildings you will find anywhere within, a nod to some of the causes and effects thereof, and ultimately an acceptance of its intrinsic royalty.” – Freeman Word


For more information about Freeman Word:

Lady Tess : Raw/Spirit


Lady Tess—

National Poetry Award nominee
Southern Fried Individuals Winner (2012)
Southern Fried Finalist – Individuals – Placed 3rd (2014)

 Southern Fried Finalist -Team [215th] – Placed 3rd (2014)

Featured in Documentary : Mobile in Black & White

Let me start by saying that I love Tessica Williams.  She’s one of those people that is hard not to fall in love with.  Whether it’s her energy, her openness, or the fact she always has an interesting (read- wildly entertaining) story, Lady Tess is instantly memorable.

Her poetry is no different.

Tess’s poetry is an opera.

“and  you would hear the breath of a rose

that was so close to death

she didn’t realize she was being smothered

by the debris of seasons past”

Tess doesn’t speak; she commands the energy of a room with words. (more…)