Month: May 2015

His Soul (Spoken Word)

Awesome imagery.

Love the background music.

Short & sweet.

A great share.

Poignant Letters

His soul runs free like wild horses,
that belong to travelling gypsies
and painted native americans.
It’s very essence? a burning flame,
that forms the shape of a soaring eagle.

His soul lives within my soul,
for I am him and he is I.

His soul is a dream catcher, a hamsa amulet
and a talisman. It’s essence? baptised water
and the very wine in the jewel encrusted holy grail.
His soul is the indigo veins on a tarot reader
and her, Tarot of Piedmont, deck of cards.

His soul lives within my soul,
for I am him and he is I.

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The Lyric Review : Twice – Little Dragon

  Twice, both a song and an example of poetic brilliance, is only 4 stanzas long (two of which are a refrain) yet carries the weight and depth of a thousand stories. The poet within me is absolutely mesmerized by the artistry of pieces that are concise and poignant, yet engorged with layers of meaning. Almost anyone can find and/or lose themselves within the words because they’re ubiquitous in nature.

Each time you listen to this song you could take a different meaning from it based upon where you are in life. Once you add the instrumentals, a simultaneously soothing and gripping arrangement of soulful and ethereal sounds, the weight of that meaning is intensified. The foundation of it is a set of rich, deep and somber tones accompanied by lighter airy tones that make you think of water and bird song. Couple the track with the creative imagery of ‘Dreams from the Woods’ by Johannes Nyholm, and the song morphs into an experience. The counterbalance of it all is enchanting, haunting and yet heavily reminiscent of life. Each listen has the potential to touch you on a deeper level.


The Lyric Review : White Shoes – Wale

Echo Chambers is a love letter to not just the Spoken Word, but the Performed Word.  The performed word includes everything from stage performance, visual art that uses words, and music.  In the case of the latter, I’m a big fan of hip-hop and the lyricism at its essence.

I am not the only one, however.  Despite the direction that hip-hop culture has been headed, there remain many worthy messages within the genre.  Through Echo Chambers we intend to use this platform as means to explore these themes.

Co-written by Indigo B., Echo Chamber’s newest segment will explore the themes behind different songs in hip-hop as we share thoughts on the messages.

10013925_10153050240498343_1656861863195521780_n(1)Indigo B.