(W)Rap-Up : A Word From Our Ancestors — A Night of Poetry at the APEX Museum

Lady Vee’s event, A Word From Our Ancestors, was, in a word, classic.  Nice suits walked confidently through the halls of the APEX museum, a building dedicated to the history behind the black struggle.  With powerhouse poets like Vitamin D, Yo’ Sista, and Crazy Legs performing; the night proved to be a high-energy spectacle.
Poetry People

As the name and venue suggested, the event focused on the black struggle as subject matter.  Entertaining and insightful, poet after poet rose to the APEX stage dropping knowledge and invoking the deep bond held by those in the room.  Whether a piece was an uplifting ode to black essence, a constructive critique of the black experience, or statement on black slavehood and how far the nation has come since, every poem held a seed of a much larger idea.

apex guy apex night Lady Veeme looking grown and sexyapex girlApex Women

Poetry Piccrazy legs

Powerful pieces from powerful people.  These event was, in a word,


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