Messages from the writers and editors of Echo Chamberz.

Echo Chambers : Why?

Spoken Word and Slam Poetry is a recent artistic movement brimming with potential, and bursting with lyrical genius.  The collective voice of the movement is grand, and spread internationally, but has rarely been collected nor elaborated upon.

spoken mic

Echo Chambers is beyond a means of promotion, but is an insight into the minds of the artists who are passionate enough to write, passionate enough to speak, and passionate enough to dream in a space where much of the support for the talent is underrepresented.  The work of the performance poet is multi-pronged, consisting of an ability to write one’s own work and perform the work, often memorized. Too often the movement is relegated to sporadic Open Mics or the novel Poetry Slams that crop up even more infrequently, but with time the movement is gaining traction.  This is where Echo Chambers comes in.  As a herald of the information age, it’s a place to memorialize the spoken artist works, as well as an artist’s unique message.

Expect great media such as written pieces, cypher videos, and interviews from some of the most talented spoken word artists out there.

Poetry is the lifeblood of rebellion, revolution, and the raising of consciousness. – Alice Walker

Poetry is nearer to vital truth than history. -Plato